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Hello! Thanks for visiting our pretty scrumptious website. As you are in the 'About Us' section I guess you would like to know a little more about Picnic Basket?

Ok then… sit tight, cross your arms and legs and let us tell you a little story…

One day two handsome young men went to the cricket. Whilst sat in the beautiful winter sun (it's Dubai after all...) they found themselves rather peckish and took a wander to get something wholesome to fill their tummies. They looked high and low, far and wide, but sadly came back empty handed. Now, sitting behind these two male models were Dan & Guy. They overheard the laments of the men in front, and with their stomachs also rumbling from the lack of decent grub, the metaphorical light-bulb moment was upon them.

"Dan!" Guy began excitedly, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"For once, mucker, I think I am!" replied Dan with a knowing half-smile on his face.

Guy could barely contain his enthusiasm. "We should definitely…"

…"take those poor lads out for a meal!" finished Dan, thrilled he had read Guy's mind so perfectly.

"Uhm…no mate. I was going to say that we should definitely start our own business together. Nothing too flashy, just good honest sandwiches and salads. What do you think?"

"I think you could be on to something pal…" was Dan's reply.

So the two friends embarked on a journey together, a culinary quest to feed all of the hungry lunchers in Dubai; and that is how Picnic Basket was born. They formed a team dedicated to bringing freshly-made sandwiches, salads and snacks to you every day, all prepared with love!

With yummy food filled with flavour and wholesomeness (think butternut squash and quinoa salads, succulent turkey, pesto and emmental bloomer-style sandwiches) they are continuing on their quest to this day armed with original recipes, a contagious enthusiasm to talk about what they love (rugby food!) and the desire to share what they love with everyone they meet. One lunch after another they are saving people from grumbling tummies and making them look forward to lunch again!

So, that's Picnic Basket. Scrumptious, Wholesome, Original & Consistent. We will deliver your lunch, we will cater your picnic in the park or your boardroom meeting – whatever you need… we will be there.

Oh and don't worry about our freshness or leftover products. Each day, anything we have left we let other hungry people who may not be as privileged have a delicious lunch too - on the house of course.

Food made from the heart…

Picnic Basket… xx

Picnic Basket ME, PO Box 122119, Dubai, UAE. M 050 150 9273